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  • Small drops make a big river / ocean. I built this site slowly creating 1-2 pages per week. This page shows the version history of my web site.
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Site Version NumberDate ChangedChange Description
Site Version NumberDate ChangedChange Description
3.0.8 May 15, 2011 Updated about me, my career page and also added Hobbies and Traditional Art section. 
3.0.7 March 27, 2011 Homepage sucked, for now put some image icons to spice it up. 
3.0.8 March 27, 2011 Created "My Career" page 
3.0.6 March 27, 2011 Updated "My Blogs" page and add sub-pages to show my blogs inside IFrames as my sites Exit count figures went way out and show bad analytics. 
3.0.5 March 20, 2011 Added my favorite songs playlist from youtube and also consolidated my blogs 
3.0.4 March 19, 2011 Added My Tweets Page and option to allow users to post tweets to me.. 
3.0.3 March 6, 2011 Added Site Version History & Disclaimer to the footer, Added To Do List, custom copyright etc.. 
3.0.2 February 27, 2011 Added Home Page & About Me pages and links to blogs. 
3.0.1 February 26, 2011 Changed A Name records in Go Daddy to point to Google Sites from old google pages 
1.0.5 October 28, 2006 Came up with a naming convention based on sections, sub-sections, pages and image naming to handle scalability of the site and for easy grouping. 
1.0.4 October 14, 2006  Created the Version History Page 
1.0.3 October 7, 2006 Created the Travel&Tourism, Famous Blogs, About Me Sections. 
1.0.2 September 17, 2006 Created customizable JS menu to go in to all top pages 
1.0.1 September 10, 2006 Created the first home page via Google Pages 
Showing 14 items