My Blogs

  • Blogs are a very useful way to express your ideas and knowledge.
  • I enjoy looking at the web analytics of my blogs and happy to know they are visited by so many people from around the world, that encourages me to blog more.
  • I started blogging around the year 2004 with my technical blog.
  • Later I found lot of useful and fun things to share, I did not want to mix those on my technical blog, so I created a personal blog, my second blog.
  • Then I entered so much non-Microsoft, PM stuff on it that I no longer wanted to enter "Microsoft" related posts on it, so I created my third blog dedicated explicitly for Microsoft technologies.
  • So now here I am with my three blogs.
  • - My blog about my experiments with Microsoft & related technologies.
  • - My blog about Project Management, some technical stuff which I enter so that I can refer back later.
  • - My blog about fun stuff, useful non-software development information  that I like to share.